Make your own Minecraft models with Blockbench

Blockbench is a free software tool for creating 3D models. You can use Blockbench to create art, game assets and even your own custom Minecraft models. It’s also a great introduction to the world of 3D CAD for children – a step up from Lego and Minecraft. Techy kids aged ten and up would be comfortable using it with a little help.

How Do I Create Models in Blockbench?

You create models by placing rectangular shaped 3d blocks on the sceen.

You stretch and scale these blocks to whatever length, width or volume you want, and build your model by positioning them together as you would with Minecraft blocks or Lego bricks.

Once you’ve built your model, you can then add colour and detail to its surface. This is done using a technique called texture-mapping. You use the paint tools to apply colours to the model and Blockbench translates these details to a 2D image known as a texture-map.

The texture-map can be seen on the left-hand side of the screen.

How Does Blockbench Compare to Other 3D Tools?

You might have heard of tools like Blender, Maya, Cinema4d or 3ds Max. These tools are used by professionals to create stunning graphics and special effects. They’re extremely powerful pieces of software. The problem is, they’re awfully complicated. On the other hand, Blockbench is much simpler but still based on the same core-ideas as its more sophisticated cousins. Once you have a grasp of Blockbench, you’ll understand some of the key concepts involved in three-dimensional design.

Can I Use Blockbench to Create Custom Minecraft Objects?

Yes, you can!

Blockbench is the industry standard tool for creating custom 3D models for the Minecraft Marketplace. You can use Blockbench to create your own Minecraft assets like mods and blocks. Together with tools like MCreator you can drop your creations into your own Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock worlds. You can also use Blockbench to customize skins for existing Minecraft models like Steve and Endermen.

You can import your models into Minecraft.

How Do I Learn Blockbench?

Learning a tool like Blockbench can seem daunting, especially if you’ve never used 3d modelling software before. When learning new software, it’s a good idea to follow a few tutorials.

YouTube user Everbloom Games has put together a series of tutorials starting with Minecraft Modeling Basics - Blockbench tutorial #1.

Of course, you’ll need to get your hands on the software first so head over to Blockbench’s download page or run the app in your browser.