Customize Minecraft with these free tools

Playing Minecraft is great but have you or your child, ever had the itch to expand the game with your own customizations? If so, these are the tools to use.

Your child might struggle with some of these apps if they’re not yet ten. However, if your child is younger and is really keen to make their own mark on Minecraft, check out Tynker at the bottom of the list.

Make Maps with WorldPainter

WorldPainter enables you to create your own maps by painting the landscape. Using tools that are similar to ones found in Photoshop or Krita – the brush tool or paint-bucket for example – you can add terrains like swamps, caverns or jungles to your map. You can even import and edit existing Minecraft maps.

Paint landscapes with WorldPainter.

Worldpainter runs on Mac, PC and Linux.

Create Models in BlockBench

Blockbench calls itself a boxy 3D model editor. It’s essentially a simplified version of more complicated 3D design tools like Blender and 3DS Max. You create models in Blockbench out of ‘cubes’. You paint your models with the texture editor and once done, you can import them into Minecraft. You can even create animations that can be exported to Bedrock edition or rendered in applications like Blender.

Construct models in Blockbench

You can extend Blockbench’s functionality with plugins – either by installing them from the built-in plugin-store or creating your own.

Blockbench is available as a downloadable app for Mac, PC and Linux, or as a web-app which is great for phones and tablets.

Read more about BlockBench here.

Customize Minecraft with MCreator

MCreator is a tool for making Java Edition mods and Bedrock add-ons. It’s a bit more complicated that the other tools and so has a steeper learning curve.

MCreator is a powerful tool for creating add-ons and mods.

You can use it to create new biomes, custom dimensions, foods, tools, new types of blocks, sounds, and much more. It has a simple interface and features a built in code editor for more advanced users. If you’ve made your own models in Blockbench, MCreator makes importing them a breeze.

MCreator runs on Mac, PC and Linux.

Learn and Have Fun with Tynker

Tynker is great for beginners and younger children. Although the site caters specifically for children 9-11, a techy seven-year-old could feel comfortable using some of the simpler tools.

Tynker has tools for creating mobs, blocks, skins, items, mods and add-ons. The site also offers courses on how to code for Minecraft. In addition, there are coding games, and courses on programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Tynker is great for beginners and can help you level-up your programming skills.

While the Minecraft tools can be accessed for free you’ll need a paid subscription to access the learning resources.

Tynker is web-based so runs just as happily on a desktop as it does on a tablet.